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R2R Talk at Royal Geographical Society

Row2Recovery will speak at the Royal Geographical Society on June 6th 2012.

The Row2Recovery crew will speak at the Royal Geographical Society on June 6th 2012. Tickets are priced at £25 each, please register at http://row2recoveryrgs.eventbrite.com The talk will cover: The reasons why they took on the extraordinary challenge of rowing the Atlantic with a crew which included four seriously injured soldiers How the injured crew were chosen How they coped with adversity, including broken autohelm, broken desalinator and broken rudder and being adrift for a week with dwindling water supplies during the crossing How the funds raised during the campaign will be distributed to help those injured in conflict Reflections on leadership and motivation. There will also be a Question and Answer session and drinks will be available before and after the address.

The talk will be an informative but sometimes light hearted account of the Row2Recovery crossing of the Atlantic in December and January, with a perspective on the crew's personal combat/injury experiences that led them to undertake the endeavour. The crew will describe what life was like on board, the nature of the challenge, and the many mishaps and equipment failures they faced en route, many of which were covered in the national press The story will be put into the context of the row - to support, and remember the wounded and their families, and to inspire the injured and disabled, proving that there is life beyond injury.

Tickets are priced at just £25 with registration at http://row2recoveryrgs.eventbrite.com and all proceeds will go to the charity, which is raising money for Help For Heroes, ABF The Soldiers Charity and SSAFA Forces Help.

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After a frustrating last 24 hours or so we began today with slow conditions and not much visibility. It was quite squally, with little rain showers coming and going, but things cleared quite abruptly around 8am and suddenly we could see land. After being hidden in the mist it appeared out of nowhere and it seemed really close! This last stretch was totally different to the first half of the race. For so much of this crossing the weather has been horrific, I have never experienced anything like this. Yesterday morning at 8 am marked the first time in the entire race that we had a full 24 hours out of full foul weather gear and today is also the first day that an equipment failure would not be a cause for emotional devastation. I always thought that we would make it, but equipment failures could have slowed us down a lot. The thought of breakages always kept us on edge. But now we can finally enjoy the realisation that WE HAVE DONE IT!!!!!!!!

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It feels great to count down the hours and the miles. It is a big morale boost to know that we are almost there. For most of the crossing I had felt confident that we would make it but we did have a few scares. When the auto-helm broke I did worry that we would be down to one rower for the whole crossing. One rowing and one hand-steering would have been a horrible routine. Luckily we managed to fix it. But the most important bit of equipment is my leg - it has never let me down.

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Hard as it is to believe, this is my final blog! It has been a moment to reflect on an extraordinary 7 weeks at sea and an even more extraordinary group of people. By that I mean not just the guys in the boat, but the many wounded persons that they represent. I have been thinking a lot about what this team has achieved and what we hope others can achieve. This project has been about setting a huge challenge, committing wholeheartedly to it and then facing every challenge head on in pursuit of our goal. There have been no excuses only a choice to live this experience to its fullest and to take a positive attitude to all things. I hope that we have demonstrated that it is not what people see in you but what you go on to do that counts. I want to thank to all those who have personally supported me – you know who you are. There were a few people who said it could not be done. Oh dear… you will have to kiss my nappy-rash!

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